Archery Tag® Extreme Archery Aboard Navy Ship

March 28, 2014

The US Navy contacted us for a Hoverball® Archery Target for use on the USS Makin Island. John Jackson, company Founder/CEO, was proud to deliver the inflatable target personally. He also provided Archery Tag® extreme archery on the ship, which is just another example of how the sport can be enjoyed nearly anywhere! John even had the bunkers customized with the US Navy and Marine Corps ensignas. After games on the ship, we took the equipment ashore for our servicemen and women to enjoy. See the images below:

After the event on the ship, Archery Tag® was presented to the military staff on shore in San Diego. The bunkers were left on the ship for games, so off the ship we utilized what we could find, such as garbage cans. Regardless of where it was played, everyone had a great time!

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