Colorful participants at event in Auburn, Indiana

June 21, 2014

We brought Archery Tag® and a Hoverball® Archery Target to the Color Me Rad event June 21, 2014 held at the Auburn Auction Park. These were the most colorful contestants that we have ever had play our family-friendly combat archery and enjoy target shooting! Check out the pics below:

It was here that John Jackson, company Founder/CEO, met  Austin from UP in the AIR Watersports. John performed his famous William Tell apple trickshot with a new twist: Austin balanced the apple on his head while hovering in a Flyboard! More fun Archery Tag® and flyboard shenanigans soon followed as Austin took a bow and foam-tipped arrows in the air himself. You have never seen a combat archery duel like this before! Check out the video:

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