Crossroads Community Church Youth Event Story in Pictures

October 9, 2013

The youth event at Crossroads Community Church in Goshen, Indiana, was a blast for the teens and for us! We cannot wait to present Archery Tag® here again! Maybe they will become a Licensee, but that will be a while other story! Those are the last lines of this chronicle. We will rewind so you can see and read the action unfold...

We began at 5:30 p.m. by demonstrating how to shoot and outlining the Archery Tag® rules. The first players entered the field with facemasks properly adjusted while others practiced shooting the target. There were so many who wanted to play, that we got teams organized so the battles continue one after another.  

The church even advertised Archery Tag® on their sign (you probably cannot ready Archery Tag in the orange letters, but it is there)! Teens on the sidelines notices cars slowing to check out what was going on! 

After several games, the teens wanted to play boys...

...versus girls.

The girls won! They were jubilant! The boys suggested two out of three games for the championship, so the next set of girls prepared to enter the field of play.

The boys won the next game. They were equally happy and  both were excited for the showdown Archery Tag® match! 

The third game was a tie! We talked about how God must have intervened!

This is what is so cool about Archery Tag®—teenage boys and girls playing together and having a good time! This is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone!

The temperature drop from the mid-70s to the mid-60s was enough to cause the bunkers to droop, as you can see in the image below. During the time they met with the youth pastor and worshipped together, we re-inflated the bunkers.

It was twilight when they returned to action.

Dusk and then night seemed to come quickly. We wanted to get a few more games and used the car headlights for some illumination.

They could barely see each other, but they played on and had a blast!

The young men below celebrate the final game win. 

The only problem was that one young man set his glasses somewhere and we had some difficulty trying to find them in the dark. The headlights were of no use there, but eventually we located them under our table and all was good.

We ran over the 8:30 p.m. event end time and parents had arrived to pick up their children. We were bombarded then by the teens about when we would be returning. We responded that it would probably be in the spring, like usual.

Out of earshot of the teens, we told the youth pastor again that with the number of times they had us here, it would have been less expensive for the group to become a Licensee!

We cannot wait to present Archery Tag® here again! Maybe they will become a Licensee, but that will be a while other story!

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