Cruizin' for Carson

August 4, 2013

On the 4th of August, Archery Tag® and SAFE Archery® joined the family, friends, and community of ATA Trade Show Coordinator, Maria Lewis, for an event very dear to her heart—a fundraiser for her son, Carson. Born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, Carson has endured nine surgeries and undergone countless treatments and therapies. He must use a wheelchair and, as he grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to travel to appointments. Without adequate transportation, there will come a time where he will be unable to participate in family gatherings and outings due to mobility limitations.

The CRUIZIN’ for CARSON fundraiser was created to help address Carson’s transportation needs. The goal was to raise enough funds for an adaptive vehicle that would open a world of opportunity for Carson and his family. Plus, it would provide Carson a life without limits! We were happy to support this worthwhile cause and continue to pray for Carson and his family.

Above, Carson takes a shot at the floating targets and, below, celebrates hitting one of the balls!

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