Hunger Games Unofficial Fan Tours and Archery Tag®

May 20, 2013

Archery Tag® and the Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours partnered to provide a fan experience Henry River Mill Village’s filming locations in The Hunger Games™ movie like never before. Not only did attendees enjoy our family-friendly combat archery, they:

  • Learned some behind-the-scenes stories
  • Had an opportunity to stand in the shoes of Peeta at the bakery with an apron and burnt bread
  • Baked their own loaf of bread at the bakery as a take-away souvenir
  • Got exclusive access to your favorite heroine’s house to re-enact the scenes where Katniss comforts her sister and mother and where she grabs her coat to head out to hunt
  • Saw the site where the coal mining explosion was filmed
  • Enjoyed lunch that featured foods from The Hunger Games™ books and movies

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