Which hurts more: Archery Tag or Paintball? Video has over 1.7 million views!

June 15, 2012

In a follow up to our Does it Hurt? video, we now ask: Which hurts more? Archery Tag or Paintball? With over a million views, this is our most-watched video. Click below to see why and for answers to the question we posed (spoiler below video).


With paintball there is pain, welts, bruises, cuts, and hours of cleanup. However, with laser tag, you miss the satisfying feeling of knowing when you've been hit (though you would like that feeling to be as painless as possible). Archery Tag® is the sport for you! Archery Tag® is the safe alternative to paintball that allows you to feel a solid THUD when hit with the foam-tipped arrows without pain, cuts, welts, or bruising.

Another reason for Archery Tag® over paintball:

A couple of resorts in the western US said Archery Tag® is their choice over paintball because the paintballs attract bears!

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