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Want to bring excitement and hilarious fun to your next event, KnockerBall has got you covered! Our coordinators lead a variety of games from Sharks & Minnows to Last Team Standing. It won't matter if you're watching the hits or dishing them out--it will be unforgettable!

Archery Tag

Dodgeball meets archery in this adrenaline-packed game! You’ll have a blast as you fire away, hide behind bunkers, and dodge arrows whizzing past! Our coordinators start events with a brief refresher on the basics of archery, then move into an array of fast-paced games.

Soccer Darts

Battle your friends and family in this twist on the classic game! Each event includes a coordinator who will lead your group through a series of different Soccer Darts games, keeping it fresh and engaging. Yeah, darts just got better!


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Archery Tag®


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