AXIWI AT-350 Communication System

The AXIWI AT-350 communication unit is a wireless full duplex and handsfree communication system. Six people can simultaneously communicate with each other by the open line connection, just like a telephone conversation. The communication system is not only perfect for running Archery Tag® matches, but also used for communication during other sports, tours, conferences, meetings and translating simultaneously.

In sports having 2 or more referees during a match is an increasing trend, even if the matches are non-professional. With this AXIWI AT-350 communication system 6 persons are able to simultaneously communicate hands free with each other. Just like a telephone conversation. Only persons with axiwi units are able to listen in and other persons are not able to hear the conversation at all.The AXIWI AT-350 radio is as small as your average auto key fob and can be hung around your neck with a lanyard.

Global Archery is an authorized US Distributor of AXIWI Communication Systems.

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  • Frequency: 863 – 865 Mhz / 902 – 928 Mhz / 2,402 – 2,483 Ghz
  • Dimensions: 3.07"x 1.5"x .75" ( 78x38x19 mm)
  • Weight: 2.47 oz. (70 gram) incl. battery
  • Reach up to 984 feet (300 meters)
  • Headset connection 3.5 mm
  • Recharge time 4 hours
  • Battery time 10 hours


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for importing these absolute amazing AXIWI communication systems from Europe. Riding, training, and teaching horse back riding all day long can be very hard on your vocals over time. I bought the AXIWI AT- 350 radios and they work like a charm in any environment (block background noise aka dirt-bike track next door or at the show grounds) and always make a very clean and solid communication possible (sound is just like a cellphone or even actually better)-- even in further distance. The icing on the cake is that I can communicate with several students at the same time and also can turn my microphone on and off. The radios and headsets are truly so lightweight and small that you actually forget that you are wearing them. The I-75 headset is my personal favorite. It's thin, comfortable, and won't move around, even while jumping. We run the wire through the back under the shirt to the unit and attach the unit to the back of the pants/ belt area and it works great! The customer care from you personally and everyone in your company has been incredible all the way through. Sending me different radios and headsets just to let me try them all out without additional charges or shipping costs gave me the confidence to actual try them. I do realize they are more expensive then other communication systems out there, but they are worth every penny! These radios have great quality, a great warranty, and the customer service can't be beat. My life has been so much more comfortable while teaching and the exhausting days of teaching riders in a large often hot, dusty or windy arena (with students still not being able to hear me) are finally over. I cannot say enough great things about my new AXIWI communication system! Thanks again to you and your team. Sincerely,

- Silke Parry, M.D. Medwinstables LLC +1-813-361-0909