AXIWI HE-006 Standard Sport Headset

The AXIWI HE-006 sport headset is extremely lightweight, has a boom microphone and in-ear speaker. The boom microphone noise level remains constant, because it rotates with the head and as a result, the distance between mouth and microphone stays the same. In addition unnecessary surrounding noises from other users will be filtered for a flawless sound.

Ideal for communications during Extreme Archery, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Equestrian events and many other sports.

Global Archery is an authorized North American Distributor of AXIWI Communication Systems.

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  • Cable length: 47.25" (120 cm)


    "The radios and headsets are truly so lightweight and small that you actually forget that you are wearing them.”

    - Silke Parry, M.D., Medwinstables LLC, Fountain Inn, SC