Archery Tag® PRO Longbow

The ArcheryTag® PRO Longbow combines the higher draw weight of a recurve with the durability of our longbow. This bow is the best of both worlds!

*Due to shortage of production materials, there temporarily is a limit of 10 PRO Longbows per order.

Product colors may vary.

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  • 28 lb. full draw weight
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • Longer lasting
  • Great for players who want a faster, more challenging game


    "...we [obtained] a few archery products in the market, including a couple of local products in China. After some stress tests to arrow, bow and mask of many vendors, we concluded that Archery Tags®' products were unparalleled in terms of quality and safety."

    - Jungyi, Jungyi Sports Culture, Beijing, China