StickIt™ Arrow

Non-lethal arrow is for use with the StickIt™ A.S. archery target sets. This patented arrow features a durable carbon fiber shaft, blunt with magnet (to attach to included StickIt™ Disc), and exclusive VaneNock™ (which combines the nock and fletching into a single pliable and durable unit). Available in: Red, Yellow, Orange and Blue. Choose the StickIt™ Arrow 12-Pack and get 3 Blue, 3 Orange, 3 Red, 3 Yellow arrows.

“NON-LETHAL ARROW” PROTECTED BY U.S. PATENTS #8,449,413 and #8,932,159

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  • Patented Design
  • Durable Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Exclusive VaneNock™
  • Magnetic Blunt
  • StickIt™ Disc (magnet on one side and velcro on the other)
  • Choice of 4 Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange & Blue
  • Length: 31 Inches


    "The equipment is great; we have had no issues since receiving March 2017. I greatly appreciate the customer service and honesty of the company. All of the customer service reps have responded quickly and answered all questions."

    - Scott Dunbar, Lake Regions State College Intramurals

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