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The Reel Shot has been proudly helping connect people closer to their outdoor passions since 2010. To us, working in the outdoor industry is not just a job or something we do from 9-5, it's what we obsess over, spend our free time thinking about and enjoy sharing and experiencing with our family and friends. To be perfectly honest, apart from sitting in tree on crisp fall morning or spending a day out on the water, there is no other place or thing we would rather be doing than helping people become more successful in the woods or on the water. The products we carry are exclusively ones that we use and trust ourselves so we can provide you with the best possible knowledge. By hand picking an assortment of national, regional, local and custom hunting and fishing products, we are able to provide the big-box store pricing and selection all while maintaining the highest level of customer service.


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1919 E. Calumet Street
Appleton, Wisconsin 54915
United States

  920 750 6140 (east) 920 243 4015 (west)