2014 Herman Miller Company Picnic

June 21, 2014

We were again invited to bring Archery Tag® and the Hoverball® Archery Target to the Herman Miller company picnic. This year's event took place on Saturday, June 21. With employees and their families, about 4,500 were in attendance at the Ottawa County Fairgrounds in Holland, Michigan. We were so busy at last year's event with six games deep (at least 72 in line) for Archery Tag®, we brought two Hoverball® Archery Targets this year so attendees had an opportunity to practice shooting prior to playing the combat archery. The Herman Miller employees and family members were absolutely wonderful! It was also great working with Ken Knapp of USA Party Works, who had contacted us about the event. We hope this becomes an annual event for us! Check out the images below:

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