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  • Blast your family and friends
    There's nothing like family at Christmas - or taking them on in combat in the New Year. The family-owned Redhills Adventure business, set over acre upon acre of combat zones in Kildare, is geared to families, as well as adult groups.
  • Dude Perfect: Archery Kart Battle Ft. Luke Bryan
    Country Music Meets Video Games In Real Life
  • Archery games a soft sell with ‘giant marshmallows’
    Stephanie and Alex Pinto in Archery game action
  • Pink Throws An Archery Party!
    Archery parties are excellent ways to maximize your archery shop’s shooting range and earn extra income. But archery-themed birthday parties aren’t just for kids channeling their inner Hawkeye or Katniss Everdeen.
  • Dude Perfect and Luke Bryan with Archery Tag
    This happened today. > The YouTube video, #ArcheryKartBattle w/ @LukeBryan launches in November & the TV version will air on @CMT in 2016! #YouTubeAndTV #TheDPDoubleUp
  • Archery Tag® Wet and Wild!
    It’s fast paced…it’s fun…it’s wet & wild! ... It’s Splash Tag™! Check out our latest video and share it with your friends. We’re sure you will love it as much as those who’ve played it
  • They play dodgeball but, like, with bows and arrows
    BancWise uses Archery Tag at Camp Sonshine for team building!
  • Archery Tag's Global Impact!
    Did archery’s international exposure through Archery Tag and the World Championships lead to an archery feature on The Telegraph?
  • Hot Shots Archery combines elements of dodgeball, paintball
    Jerry Dorneker, 38, competes in the Hot Shots Archery games. Dorneker said he plays volleyball and leads an active lifestyle, so playing the game embodies everything he enjoys.
  • Archery Tag craze coming to town
    You get Archery Tag — a first for Tallahassee. The high-energy sport is making waves nationwide as players duck behind standing berms and “tag” game opponents.
  • The Archery Game has hit the bull’s eye with three sports in one
    Move over paintball. Archery tag has got this, with bows and foam-tipped arrows as the weapon of choice in a booming business that leaves customers sore but not bruised.
  • Archery Tag capitalizes on sport's popularity
    Archery Tag the cooler cousin to dodgeball, paintball, and laser tag.
  • Team Adventure Opens in Belgium!
    Now in our country: 'The Hunger Games' in real life
  • Archery Tag capitalizes on sport's popularity
    Chicago Archery in Elmhurst is the only location in the Chicago area where people can play Archery Tag, a mix of archery, dodgeball and laser tag. (Terrence Antonio James, Chicago Tribune)
  • Move over paintball, 'Archery Tag' is here to take over!
  • Model shot with bow
    I pulled back my bow, squinted down the arrow, and saw Audrina Patridge locked in my crosshairs. I released thwang!
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