Featured Licensee

Today's spotlight is Echo Grove Camp! Echo Grove is the ideal choice for retreats that are close to home but miles away from ordinary.

Where to Play

There are hundreds of places to play Archery Tag® all over the world!

In The News

Several videos featuring Archery Tag® recently went viral receiving over 30 MILLION views!


From the United States to China and everywhere in-between, our customers love Archery Tag®!


The Hoverball® Archery Target is great for all ages and skill levels! Hours of fun and profit are just a click away!

Quality & Safety

Disturbing test results from counterfeit arrows.

The history of Archery Tag® is a remarkable story that has taken us all over the world. It all started in an old garage in Indiana and has grown to a global business with events from Hollywood to Australia and everywhere in-between. Currently we have licensees in 49 countries at over 660 locations with more signing up every week!

John Jackson