• We take a shot at archery tag
    "A man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde
  • Archery Tag Is Now A Thing And It Blows Paintball Out Of The Water
    There is now a new game in town and it looks set to enthral people everywhere, with it looking like a mixture of an archery contest, a paintball game and a spot of dodgeball.
  • Archery Tag craze coming to town
    You get Archery Tag — a first for Tallahassee. The high-energy sport is making waves nationwide as players duck behind standing berms and “tag” game opponents.
  • The Archery Game has hit the bull’s eye with three sports in one
    Move over paintball. Archery tag has got this, with bows and foam-tipped arrows as the weapon of choice in a booming business that leaves customers sore but not bruised.
  • Archery Games Opening in Ottawa
    Archery Games is bringing archery tag to the capital.
  • Archery Tag capitalizes on sport's popularity
    Archery Tag the cooler cousin to dodgeball, paintball, and laser tag.
  • Team Adventure Opens in Belgium!
    Now in our country: 'The Hunger Games' in real life
  • Archery Tag: Targeting the GTA
    couples that archer together, stay together.
  • Archery Tag capitalizes on sport's popularity
    Chicago Archery in Elmhurst is the only location in the Chicago area where people can play Archery Tag, a mix of archery, dodgeball and laser tag. (Terrence Antonio James, Chicago Tribune)
  • Move over paintball, 'Archery Tag' is here to take over!
  • Paintball-like "Archery Tag" Rises in International Popularity
  • Tag, you're hit: Archery tag comes to town
    A new sport has Taranaki archers shooting each other.
  • Archery Tag Tournament in the Gorge
    The Global Sessions Archery Tag tournament benefiting The Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization in Hood River, Or. 11 teams formed from local business's battled in a double elimination tournament.
  • Archery Terminal Opens in Mississauga
    Now, with the opening of Archery Terminal - Mississauga's first indoor archery tag facility
  • NAS Jax Spring Barracks Bash is a home run!
    In an intense game of inflatable archery tag, AS2 Christopher Hicks of CNATTU, with his teammates AD2 Loryn Sauerwein and LSSN Antonio Rioz of ASD launch an attack on their opponents.
  • Archery Tag Aims for a New Kind of Fun
    "Looking back at it," says Jackson, "we made the prototype tips and we were making traditional bows. We went to an archery shoot at one of my dealers and mentioned we had these foam-tipped arrows...
  • Archery Tag Rises to New Heights
    A coincidental pop-culture explosion gave John Jackson's invention a huge boost.
  • Archery Tag suggested for REC Centre
  • Student vs. student inflatable savagery
    UBC, with its 50,000 students and 11 faculties, can feel like a big place with not a whole lot of spirit.
  • Hits the target in Richmond
    Since last August, 6Pack Beach, which sits in a warehouse under the Knight Street Bridge, has offered Archery Tag.
  • Model shot with bow
    I pulled back my bow, squinted down the arrow, and saw Audrina Patridge locked in my crosshairs. I released thwang!
  • A Chance to Embrace Your Inner Katniss
    It is oddly satisfying to discover that, without question, you would be the first person to die in the Hunger Games.
  • Shoot Friends with Archery Tag
    Fans of The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, or Revolutions may be tempted to pick up a new game that may simulate their favorite characters and allow them to shoot their friends with zest.
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