• 2015 Great American Outdoor Show
    If you are looking for exhilarating fun, stop by the Special Events Arena on Saturday, February 7, through Thursday, February 12, for Archery Tag®
  • Student vs. student inflatable savagery
    UBC, with its 50,000 students and 11 faculties, can feel like a big place with not a whole lot of spirit.
  • Hits the target in Richmond
    Since last August, 6Pack Beach, which sits in a warehouse under the Knight Street Bridge, has offered Archery Tag.
  • Model shot with bow
    I pulled back my bow, squinted down the arrow, and saw Audrina Patridge locked in my crosshairs. I released thwang!
  • Great American Outdoor Show Lineup
    Interactive Activities and Excitement
  • A Chance to Embrace Your Inner Katniss
    It is oddly satisfying to discover that, without question, you would be the first person to die in the Hunger Games.
  • Shoot Friends with Archery Tag
    Fans of The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, or Revolutions may be tempted to pick up a new game that may simulate their favorite characters and allow them to shoot their friends with zest.


Listen to our Founder; John Jackson, as he and AM 980 ā€œThe Eagleā€ Host Bill Flynn discuss the growing popularity of Archery TagĀ®! From humble beginnings to global phenomenon; listen and discover the history, the humor, and his hopes for the future.

Tag reinvented to encourage competitive team building and group fun through combat sport.

A family friendly game designed by John Jackson!

Archery TagĀ® "Non-lethal Arrow" Patent #8,449,413
Archery TagĀ® is a registered trademark of DeerSpace LLC.