• Archery Tag Aims for a New Kind of Fun
    "Looking back at it," says Jackson, "we made the prototype tips and we were making traditional bows. We went to an archery shoot at one of my dealers and mentioned we had these foam-tipped arrows...
  • A visit to the Archery District
    Toronto's first archery tag facility draws crowds
  • Archery Tag Rises to New Heights
    A coincidental pop-culture explosion gave John Jackson's invention a huge boost.
  • Archery Tag suggested for REC Centre
  • Student vs. student inflatable savagery
    UBC, with its 50,000 students and 11 faculties, can feel like a big place with not a whole lot of spirit.
  • Hits the target in Richmond
    Since last August, 6Pack Beach, which sits in a warehouse under the Knight Street Bridge, has offered Archery Tag.
  • Model shot with bow
    I pulled back my bow, squinted down the arrow, and saw Audrina Patridge locked in my crosshairs. I released thwang!
  • A Chance to Embrace Your Inner Katniss
    It is oddly satisfying to discover that, without question, you would be the first person to die in the Hunger Games.
  • Shoot Friends with Archery Tag
    Fans of The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, or Revolutions may be tempted to pick up a new game that may simulate their favorite characters and allow them to shoot their friends with zest.


Listen to our Founder; John Jackson, as he and AM 980 “The Eagle” Host Bill Flynn discuss the growing popularity of Archery Tag®! From humble beginnings to global phenomenon; listen and discover the history, the humor, and his hopes for the future.

Tag reinvented to encourage competitive team building and group fun through combat sport.

A family friendly game designed by John Jackson!

Archery Tag® "Non-lethal Arrow" Patent #8,449,413
Archery Tag® is a registered trademark of DeerSpace LLC.