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We are a fun company born from the desire to discover an innovative and different way to share our passion: archery.

Our professional skills in the field of archery allow us to coach and organize any type of event you need.

We are the first in France to offer you :

  • Archery Tag®:

  • Archery Tag® is best described as dodge-ball with bows and arrows! Our arrows are tipped with harmless foam that resemble large marshmallows ! A sports game for the whole family !

  • Hoverball®:

  • SAFE Archery® offers a new way of experiencing archery . With our exclusive foam tip that provides the same flight characteristics as a standard arrow but safely and without the need for safety net.

  • Archery:

    Archery is a sport and leisure activity . It is an activity using physical, mental and psychic discipline. Come join us!


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Archery Tag®



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Le Plessis Grimoult, Normandy 14770

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