Field Setup

Archery Tag® Field Setup Overhead

Field Dimensions

Archery Tag® extreme archery can be played almost anywhere.

The field is divided into two 29ft x 36ft areas (9m x 11m), with a 20ft x 36ft (6m x 11m) neutral zone located at center field. The center field neutral zone separates the two sides for a total field length of 78ft (23.8m) from end line to end line. The Queue area (where substitute or out players wait) is a 3ft x 12ft (1m x 4m) box and should be located 2ft (.6m) from the sideline. The Technical area (where referee, scorekeeper and timekeeper are located) is a 3ft x 12ft (1m x 4m) box and should be located 2ft (.6m) from the sideline at the center of the field.

Licensees who are offering league play must adhere to official game rules and court size. This is required to be considered for future sanctioned events.

Spectators and those waiting to play should be a safe distance from the field on the sidelines along the Neutral Zone or behind netting.

Placement of Targets

Place each Archery Tag® 5-Spot Knockout Target in the center of the field on each side of the neutral zone and centered on the field play. Reverse the knock-out spots so the circles appear as white spots on a black background on one side, and black spots on a white background on the other side.

Archery Tag® Bunker Placement

Placement of Bunkers

Place three official Archery Tag® bunkers on each side of the field (see illustration).

Place a bunker 3ft (1m) back from the line of attack, centered behind the 5-spot target. Place the two remaining bunkers midway between the front bunker and the sideline (Approximately 10ft or 3m from sideline, and 10ft or 3m from neutral zone line).