Unsolicited Ideas Policy

At Global Archery Products, Inc. ("Global Archery") we highly value your feedback regarding our existing products. However, do not send us unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new products, product improvements, new technologies, processes, materials, services, advertising or promotion campaigns, marketing, or new product names. Global Archery is an innovative company that actively works to develop products and creative ideas of its own pertaining to technologies, marketing materials and other aspects of our business. To preserve our ability to innovate, Global Archery does not accept or consider unsolicited creative proposals, materials or ideas from outside Global Archery, including, but not limited to, ideas regarding: new or improved products; product enhancements; new or improved advertising campaigns or promotions; new or improved technologies; artwork; or other such ideas or materials. Global Archery does not compensate anyone for unsolicited materials of this nature. This policy is not intended to serve as a barrier to receiving and responding to your feedback. Rather, it is intended to avoid any future misunderstandings about creative ideas should Global Archery independently develop or already have developed a product, technology, or other project that may seem similar in some respect to your idea.

Terms of Any Idea Submission

If, despite our policy, you submit an unsolicited idea to Global Archery, then you agree that:

  1. Your idea will immediately upon submission become the sole and exclusive property of Global Archery, without compensation to you or any other person or party.
  2. Global Archery can use the idea for any purpose and in any way.
  3. Global Archery will have no obligation to keep your submission confidential or proprietary, and shall not be liable for any disclosure of the submission.
  4. There is no obligation for Global Archery to review, keep, acknowledge, or return the submission or any related materials.

If you do not agree to these terms, please do not submit an unsolicited idea to us.

Feedback, Opinions and Information

Global Archery welcomes your support, comments, questions, and feedback regarding our existing products. To provide feedback, please see our "Contact" option on the Global Archery web site at http://archerytag.com/contact. By providing feedback or information via this site, you agree that any feedback or information you provide at this site is not confidential and becomes, upon submission, the sole and exclusive property of Global Archery. You further agree that Global Archery, and its affiliates are free to use such information on an unrestricted basis without compensation to you or any other person or party.

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