Frequently Asked Questions

  • A safe, family-oriented sport that satisfies the competitive spirit as well as the thrill seeker.
  • Requires no athletic ability or prior skill.
  • People find that our foam tipped arrows are non-intimidating.
  • New and exciting!!!
  • Offers an interactive experience that is more physical than other activities like Laser Tag.
  • No bruising or welts.
  • The fastest growing sport of its kind.
Archery Tag® is the ORIGINAL family-friendly combat archery sport.
We do NOT offer protected territories for the following reasons:
  • To keep the cost affordable.
  • As an Archery Tag® Licensee, there is strength in numbers, which promotes the brand, and all who are Licensees.
  • Much of this depends on the effort put forth by you. You can reasonably expect to earn a return on your investment within the first several months.
  • Many Archery Tag® Licensees have reported growth that has exceeded their original expectations, thus opting to phase out less profitable options such as Laser Tag; which has a much higher monthly overhead.
This will depend on your local market, however, prices are comparable to what is being charged for Laser Tag and bubble soccer.
Licensees typically charge by the game or by the event. Our experience has shown that the most common ways is to charge by the hour or by the group.
  • Passion and commitment.
  • A desire to help people of all backgrounds and skill levels enjoy something that most of them have never experienced before.
Archery Tag® believes being a licensee goes far beyond filling out the application and purchasing a package. One of the most rewarding things about Archery Tag® is attracting people of all ages and backgrounds to this exciting sport of family-friendly combat archery!
Success can be defined in many ways, and depends on WHY you included Archery Tag® to your business, organization, or church.
  • For those who want to become self-employed, Archery Tag® provides an affordable way to start their own business with the name brand recognition that our global presence provides.
  • For camps Archery Tag® provides a unique experience that promotes team building and engages both male and females of all ages.
  • For churches Archery Tag® provides an excellent safe and fun outreach tool with excellent fundraising possibilities!
The license period is for 1 year and must be renewed each year to continue to operate under the Archery Tag® brand.