Basic Safety Rules

Please follow these rules to help ensure everyone has a fun and safe game.

Field Safety

Before you begin play, inspect the field. Making contact with hard surfaces compromises the integrity and life cycle of the equipment.

  • Hard surfaces such as walls, doors, fences, posts and pillars should be padded.
  • Do not use unauthorized barriers such as oil drums, tires or hay bales.
  • Do not use structures such as sniper towers and platforms.

Equipment Safety

Before you begin play, inspect your equipment. Properly maintained Archery Tag® brand equipment should be safe and long lasting.

  • Always wear a mask that covers your entire face. Everyone involved in the game must wear a mask (even players on the sidelines).
  • Arrow foam tips should be cylinder shaped. The contact end should not be significantly rounded. Replace worn foam tips or take the arrow out of use.
  • Bow limbs should be securely in place on the riser.
  • Bow strings should in the groove on the back of the limbs. Strings should be tight but easy to pull back with an arrow. If the bow string appears frayed or fuzzy it should be waxed immediately.
  • Never dry fire a bow. Firing a bow without an arrow causes the limbs to absorb the shock the arrow was designed to take. Dry firing a bow can cause fractures in the bow limbs.
  • Always hold a bow by the riser and lay it flat when not in use. Standing or leaning the bow against a wall can cause limbs to warp over time.
  • Unstring and store bows properly when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place.

Gameplay Safety

During the game, please keep in mind that everyone is there to have fun. If you see any activity that is unsafe, please notify the referee so the issue can be corrected immediately.

  • Do not use equipment to deflect, hit or deliberately contact incoming arrows. Swinging equipment at other objects can damage equipment and cause injuries.
  • Only use official authorized Archery Tag® brand equipment. Swords, shields, and other 3rd party products have not been tested with Archery Tag® equipment and may present safety risks.
  • Do not move or lean on the bunkers.
  • Do not shoot at players in the safety zone or outside the field boundaries.

Please read the Archery Tag® Operators Manual for more information.