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If you want to live a truly unique and original experience, then this activity is for you. And is that it does not need to be a star with the ball, nor be a great athlete and, in fact, it does not even matter if you like the sport king, because here what we come is to have a great time.

Our bubble football matches in Barcelona are so delirious that once you participate you will want to repeat it always. But what is this different way of playing football? Very simple, in our field you need 10 players, 5 in each team, who will have a clear goal: to score many goals in the opposite goal. But to do it will not be easy, and is that each player must be tucked inside an immense transparent plastic bubble that will cover his body from the head to the knees, and so, with that dress so cute, you will have to try to move around the field to score a little.

And who with those pints could be the idol of the league? It is clear that no one, so the best of bubble football matches in Barcelona is to watch as the attendees roll around the field, die of laughter, shout and pass it really pipe in a different and unique way. In the end you will see that these parties are more like a meeting of yellow humor than something else.


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