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Yes, it means Camp Fire....and a lot of people think that we named it this because of the spiritual connotations and I really wish I could say that is true, but it's not. Actually, shortly before our first camp in 1998, I was talking to a great friend and asked him his thoughts for a name...we both love sports and ESPN was a daily view for us. Dan Patrick was a host who constantly used the phrase "En Fuego" when anyone was On Fire during hoops season....Camp Fuego was coined...and some twenty years later, we still like it! Here's the deal: We truly want to make camp available to ever kid, no matter his or her family's financial situation. Rich or poor, kids should have the opportunity to get away from the craziness of earth and clearly hear of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. We strive to provide that opportunity with the highest levels of quality at the lowest possible cost. That's it.


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305 Market Street STE 777
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101
United States

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