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We are striving to be a family. We do not want to be a club or a clique or a sect. We want to be a place marked by selfless love, peacemaking, patience, kindness, and mercy. We are striving to be centered on the gospel, the good news that God has come to the world in Jesus and has made a way through the cross for us to come home! We are striving to bring glory of God. We do not exist for ourselves. We exist to bring God glory! We are striving to reach the nations. We think the Great Commission, Jesus' call to go into all the world and make disciples, is as binding on us today as it was on the original disciples. So we are a going, sending, reaching church! This is who we are striving to be. Won't you come join us in this journey?


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5200 Fairway Ave.
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116
United States

  (501) 771 1125


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