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Venture Camps is the new name for High 5 Sports! We exists to deliver the very best holiday activity camps during half terms and school holidays. During term time our team are busy providing high quality physical education and sports coaching to primary schools throughout the Kent and the South East. Our aim to empower young people with the skills and attributes that are vital in sport and physical activity and promote a positive attitude towards themselves and others. Through participation at our camps, clubs or PE lessons we hope that children develop their confidence and are enabled to experience achievement and success that can be translated into many areas of their future lives. From their very first visit, we hope that every child and parent recognises our passion and enjoyment for what we do. We so thoroughly enjoy leading the activities day to day, that a sense of community and teamwork is established in every holiday camp, PE lesson or after school club. It is this culture within our company that sets the environment for children to learn and do their very best, knowing that they will only feel a sense of encouragement from the coaches and staff around them. If you are new to Venture, we encourage your children to come along for a day at one of our holiday camps, or come try out an after school club or evening sports club. We know for sure, your children will love the experience!


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