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HOME NEWS GALLERIES CLUBS EVENTS ABOUT US HISTORY FATA CONTACT US ABOUT US LEBANESE ARCHERY FEDERATION The game is managed by the International Federation of Crossbows, formerly known as “Vita” and now the world archery, founded on the fourth of September 1931 in Bologna, with a founding committee that included seven countries, Bologna, France, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, the United States, Hungary and Italy, currently includes 134 national federations, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Crossbow sport appeared for the first time in the Olympic Games in the 1900 Paris Games. The program at that time included seven competitions from different distances, while the 1904 St. Louis Olympics included five competitions, but none of the participants was outside the United States. In the 1908 London Olympics, the program included only three competitions, then the game was absent from the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, and returned to the Belgian Olympiad in Anfer in 1920, knowing that the 1916 Games were not held due to World War I. After the Envir session, this competition was absent from the Olympic schedule, and it only reappeared in the 1972 Munich session, when it was open to men and women in the singles category. As for the team competition, it was adopted starting from the Seoul Games in South Korea in 1988. South Korea is the most prominent country in this sport, especially after the 1972 era, and it has been ranked first among the countries by 14 gold, in front of the United States with the same balance, but six of its golds were achieved before the year 1920, and titles are unlikely to come out of the hands of the archers of these two countries. History The crossbow was widely used in wars and battles, and thinking began to use it as a sport in the sixteenth century, and the first competition was based on crossbow and crossbow together in 1583 in England, with three thousand participants. Hand guard equipment : used to protect the shooter's hand from any injury during throwing. The arrow: a maximum diameter of 9.3 mm. Each stock is marked with the name of the archer. Archers use different colors of darts to distinguish more. Chest guard: Made of leather or plastic, used to protect the chest from bow wire during throwing. Sagittarius: its weight varies between men and women. Paws: protect the fingers while shooting from the arrow. Quiver: often on the middle, in which arrows are placed. The goal: a diameter of 1.22 meters, a distance of 70 meters from the archer. Its midpoint is 1.3 meters above the ground


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