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Welcome to Gunfighter Country and congratulations on becoming a part of our proud heritage of innovative Gunfighters. Mountain Home AFB and the 366th Fighter Wing have a rich history, going all the way back more than 70 years to the United States’ entry into World War II. We have been hard working, dedicated, and innovative from our very beginnings. We earned our nickname, “the Gunfighters” in 1967 when the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing was stationed at Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam. Aircrew were missing out on opportunities to shoot down enemy MiGs because the missiles that were loaded on the F-4C were ineffective at short ranges and there was no gun installed on the aircraft. However, innovative wing aircrew and maintainers worked together and mounted external 20-millimeter Gatling gun pods on the F-4Cs, allowing aircrew to develop new tactics and enabling pilots to score four MiG kills within the first month of operation. Soon other units followed suit. For the gun pod innovation and the 11 enemy MiG kills that followed, the wing earned a Presidential Unit Citation and the moniker of “Gunfighters.”


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