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Legendary Fun -- Who doesn't like to have fun? We love fun, that is why we exist. Sherwood? Yes, the story of Robin Hood the every day persons' hero.

He took from corrupt government, what was being unfairly taken from the people, and gave it back. Archery? The bow and arrow have been around for a long time. We use light weight bows and foam tipped arrows so there is no risk of getting hurt. First, we will teach safety, then, once you have the knack, you may want to go to the pointy stick archery. (But we don't want to instill bad habits). What is the future you ask? We will be adding other attractions. Fryer Tuck is preparing to provide food!


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12405 W Solano Drive
Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340
United States

  623 227 2233


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