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"We have experimented with every type of "safe" arrow we could find, and we are confident that we have the most innovative and safe arrow for our customers with Archery Tag®."
Caleb Collins
Program Director Group Dynamix
"The social media buzz when we first got [Archery Tag®] was overwhelming."
Jeff Cheng
"Our customers were pleasantly surprised by how safe and fun archery can be!"
Victoria Stepashuk
Latvia, Riga
"It has been awesome to see a younger generation become interested in archery through the game of Archery Tag®."
Josh Pitts
The Front Archery
Bluffdale, Utah
"It's been 100% safe, we've had no issues whatsoever."
Rob Kaufhold
Lancaster Archery Supply - President
ATA - Board Member
USA Archery - Board of Directors
"Not only is it fun for families, friends or co-workers but we've found that many companies love using it as a team building exercise."
Josh Pitts
The Front Archery
Bluffdale, Utah
"For those who are trying to increase revenue, adding Archery Tag is definitely a sure win."
Mack Previl
Ultimate Battlezone New Jersey
"After some stress tests to arrow, bow, and mask of many vendors, we concluded that Archery Tags' products were unparalleled in terms of quality and safety."
Jingyi Sports Culture
Beijing, China

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Byron Ferguson's Archery Clinic: July 13-15, 2018

Byron teaches everything from how to make a bow string that properly fits your bow, to tuning arrows, bow and yourself to shoot with extreme accuracy.

You will not only learn what to do and how to do it, but WHY to do it. Learn the secrets Byron has used for over 30 years to make some of the most unbelievable archery shots ever captured on film.

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Puerto Rico Relief Tour

There are 240 Puerto Rican families still living in hotels in Osceola County, Florida; 180 of the vouchers will expire before the end of April and the rest in May. Over 2,600 students from Puerto Rico have entered the county school system, and they are in need of basics that we take for granted.

If you want to help, click to donate to Community Hope Center in Kissimmee, Florida. Note Global Archery in the note section for the funds to be earmarked for Puerto Ricans who have relocated there.

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